DeLon Howell



Listening for the Boys

Forthcoming in Memoir Magazine, Runner-Up Finalist #MeToo Essay Contest, Summer 2019
Originally published in Tahoma Literary Review, Fall 2017
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The look of horror frozen on his face, I will never forget. I knew I'd made a mistake.

The One I Hold On To

Hypertext Magazine, Fall 2018

It has been many years since I played son to my father. Most of my life since the word Daddy left my lips.

For Quieter Plans

Wanderlust Journal, Fall 2017

Outside the city, life wore a different face, kept a different rhythm: slower, less pinched, with room enough to breathe, air enough to think....

The Occasional Guest

snapdragon: a journal of art & healing,  Fall 2017

I awoke in the wee hours one night to find something hovering in the dark just passed the foot of my bed, staring back at me.


Stonecoast Review, Winter 2016

It began with the shooting in South Carolina. The following morning at my desk, I glimpsed the CNN headline emblazoned across my computer screen in big, black, bold letters...


DeLon Howell lives and writes in Los Angeles, where he works in communications, occasionally participates in readings, and workshops regularly with a trusted crew of talented writers. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Memoir Magazine, Hypertext Magazine, snapdragon: a journal of art & healing, Stonecoast Review, Tahoma Literary Review, and Wanderlust Journal. He has previously been a recipient of the Esalen Emerging Writers Fellowship and the Lambda Literary Fellowship in Nonfiction.